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Brick Oven Manaesh

Image for product: Zaatar (thyme)
Zaatar (thyme)
The tantalizing fragrance of Am Darweesh’s dried thyme mix on his baked mano’sheh will make you ask for more. (Give it a try with a cup of tea)
0.350 KD
Image for product: Zaatar Mozaatar (try it)
Zaatar Mozaatar (try it)
It simply is a dried thyme mano’sheh, but with a signature flavor & mix of thyme and spices found only at Am Darweesh restaurant.
0.550 KD
Image for product: Zaatar & Am Darweesh’s Labneh
Zaatar & Am Darweesh’s Labneh
Am Darweesh’s dried thyme mix with homemade soft white yogurt cream, like it used to be made in Bilad Al Sham. (With Thyme hot drink.. its not an easy job to explain the sensations one would get)
0.800 KD
Image for product: Lonely Halloum (bachelor halloum)
Lonely Halloum (bachelor halloum)
Mano’sheh with fine halloum cheese without the intervention of vegetables.
0.750 KD
Image for product: Halloum Mozaatar (new)
Halloum Mozaatar (new)
Halloum couldn’t resist but to follow the fashion and dress itself with Mozaatar thyme. Its a mano’sheh made of half Am Darweesh Mozaatar Thyme & half of halloum cheese.
0.900 KD
Image for product: ½ N’ ½
½ N’ ½
A mano’sheh made of half thyme and half halloum cheese generating a mouth watering mixture and taste.
0.750 KD
Image for product: 30.30.30 (new)
30.30.30 (new)
This isn’t a mathematical equation... It’s a highly balanced manou’sheh made of 3 kinds of cheese that tackles your senses.
1.250 KD
Image for product: Bulghariyeh (Bulgarian by identity)
Bulghariyeh (Bulgarian by identity)
A mix of fine bulgarian cheese mixed with mint, parsley, onion and olive oil.(It’s A treat... do not retreat)
1.000 KD
Image for product: Feta Veggie Aroos (Feta Bustan)
Feta Veggie Aroos (Feta Bustan)
A fine selection of feta cheese mixed with olive oil, spread on the separately baked mano’sheh dough, & then served with tomato, mint & onion (the point of no return.. order it now!)
0.850 KD
Image for product: Wild Feta (new)
Wild Feta (new)
You think you know the taste of feta cheese. Well, Am Darweesh brings out its true flavor when mixed with fresh wild thyme leaves which is soaked with lemon juice, olive oil & little pieces of onion.
1.100 KD
Image for product: Labneh Aroos (On Olive Bread) (try it)
Labneh Aroos (On Olive Bread) (try it)
Am Darweesh’s labneh (Soft white yogurt cream) spread on olive bread mano’sheh. (Aroos means bride... the only bride you can bring home to your wife)
0.750 KD
Image for product: Shanklish
Mano’sheh made of traditional dried cheese from known in Damascus, mixed with tomato, olives, onion and olive oil.(A Juicy bite from the kitchen of old Damascus: a culture rich meal)
1.150 KD
Image for product: Kishkiyeh (try it)
Kishkiyeh (try it)
Mano’sheh with dried sesame & yogurt mix, with green and red pepper, tomato, garlic and olive oil. (It is said that he learnt it from his spouse)
1.400 KD
Image for product: Lahmeh bi Ajeen
Lahmeh bi Ajeen
The most delicious mix of minced lamb meat with onion, tomato, chili and a unique mix of flavors carefully measured using the gold weight scale. (For those in mood.. take it with laban ayran drink)
0.500 KD
Image for product: Lahmeh bi Ajeen Mudabbas (try it)
Lahmeh bi Ajeen Mudabbas (try it)
For an extra lemony-flavor we added dibs al rumman (extracted from pomegranate fruit) (For a waterfall of mouth water... this is it!)
0.600 KD
Image for product: Akawiyeh
Mano’sheh with melted akawi fine cheese select.
0.850 KD
Image for product: Akawiyeh in Sicily (try it)
Akawiyeh in Sicily (try it)
Its not a movie title, but an Am Darweesh mano’sheh that was loved by many Italians made of akawy cheese, black olives & oregano.
1.150 KD
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